BeCREO TECHNOLOGIES Ltd develops interactive, game-based approaches in education, focusing on coding and on the creation of smart electronic circuits. The close cooperation with top research centers grants BeCREO TECHNOLOGIES access and insights into the potential of innovative ideas at an incubation stage. The company adds value by improving, adapting and commercializing the incubated research projects.

Scottie Go!

Scottie Go! uses a unique combination of an interactive mobile app and physical cardboard tiles, which emphasise the kinesthetic and collaborative aspects of learning. This game allows a gradual and intuitive advancement through abstract programming concepts and gamification techniques.


BECREO kit is a modular teaching platform introducing the basics of coding, electronics, mechatronics and robotics to children. The environment comprises a kit of electronic, programmable modules, and an app containing a comprehensive course of lessons and challenges at gradually increasing levels of difficulty.


BeCREO Technologies Sp. z o.o. is a Polish IT company established in 2018 by creators and developers of Scottie Go! and BeCREO kit, with a mission of developing innovative, intuitive, and intelligent educational solutions for coding and mechatronics learners. We make our holistic vision a reality by providing students and teachers with safe tools for applying up–to–the–minute technology in the process of education. Recognised and applied all around the globe as they are, our solutions significantly boost the prestige and achievements of Polish science and education. We have been cooperating with established specialists, educational and R&D institutions as well as technological partners within the country and abroad.

The starting point of our solutions is a diagnosis of educational needs with a view to increasing the effectiveness of teaching and students’ involvement in the process of knowledge acquisition.

Due to constant feedback from teachers, we are able to evaluate and improve our products as well as to arrange their setting, providing the user with our support at each stage of implementation. This attitude ensures compliance with the current global state of the art, methods of teaching that employ modern technologies, and requirements to be met in order to follow relevant curricula.

The dynamically shifting employment market and professions of the future are becoming ever more interdisciplinary and the ability to code is useful in any aspect of the human life, having become one of the most essential digital competencies. While back in the day it was reading and writing that attested to one’s basic education, today it is the ability to code that is becoming the sign of having received fundamental knowledge at school.

The products created by BeCREO Technologies are backed e.g. by examinations and tests in the Future School Lab, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre, and implementations in Polish and global schools. We bring forth new quality. We combine tried and tested methods based on team cooperation, communication, and active introduction of students into the process of acquiring knowledge with the latest technological developments – it’s like augmented reality. We effectively stimulate cognitive processes of experimentation, decision making, planning, and organization of own work.

With our unique attitude in this respect, teachers and students may experience the technology in a natural manner in a school setting and at home.


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